Top 10 daily habits to stop back pain


Back Pains is a problem we are likely to suffer from as a result of habits that are unhealthy. Essential and healthy tips to reduce and even prevent back pains are available. We just need to maintain adherence. Back pain reduction or avoidance requires little effort. Back pains can prevent us from going to work. It is a problem we thus should avoid. Daily practices or behavior play a great role in fighting back pains.

  1. Sleep with a Pillow under Your Knee

Sleeping with a pillow is a way or method of ensuring that pressure on the back is relieved even in your sleep is the use of a pillow.  It is advisable to place a pillow under the knees as this helps in elevating the legs. Reduction of pressure at your back and spine reduces the chances of suffering from back pains. Use of the pillow at the knees is thus essential for the prevention of pains in the back.

  1. Increase Calcium and Vitamin D intake

Having strong and healthy bones is associated with a reduction of issues that cause back pains for individuals.  Keep all the bones and the spine strong and healthy. Increase the intake of the ions calcium and intake of the Vitamin D. Consumption of these two in plenty is thus healthy for the bones. It thus goes a long way in the reduction and prevention of the back pains.  Drink products like milk and yogurt.  Use leafy greens or veggies and also take supplements for Vitamin D. Consulting and talking to the doctor is important. The doctor or physicians prescribe the right supplements.

  1. Work Your Core

One among the numerous and most benefits of exercise is the reduction of back pains.  The exercise routine on the core muscles is efficient in strengthening and exercising the muscles and the back, and thus reducing and preventing back pains.

  1. Change your Shoes

High-heeled shoes may be the reason you are suffering from back pains. Putting on low heeled shoes reduces and prevents the back from suffering pain.  You do not have to strain in low shoes as compared to when you are in high heels.  The low shoes are thus better and healthier for the back as no strain of the back while walking or standing is involved.

  1. Straighten Up

Good posture in addition to making you appear and look proper has a good role in keeping away back pains. Good posture helps in protecting intricate parts of the spine, and this keeps them in a way that they remain healthy and function well.  Bad posture makes the spine strain and can result to back pains.  Do not slouch or bending sideways while standing.

  1. Don’t Slump Over the Desk

Most people have the behavior or tendency of slumping over their desks at work. It is advisable and healthier for the back if you maintain a good posture. The posture while seating should be the same as while one is standing.  Maintain a good or proper posture to avoid straining of the back or the spine. The strain in return or later is likely to cause pains in the back.

  1. Mingle

It is essential to avoid remaining sitting for long periods or even remaining seated for long.  Avoid awkward postures while standing and sitting down.  Mingle with the people around. You can move from office to the other. In a party, move to where friends are and keep changing positions. Mingling is essential and helpful in reduction of the pressure on the spine.

  1. Put out that Cigarette

Smoking has numerous and serious risks to health.  Smokers have a risk of experiencing back pains due to the behavior of smoking.  Cigar smoking causes the restriction of the blood in the spine. Avoid the behavior of smoking cigarettes to keep off the pain on your spine or back.

  1. Lighten your Load

Heavy lifting also causes back pains.  Bulky carrying of products e.g. boxes and other packages need to be reduced. The practice increases pressure on the spine. The spine thus strains. The strain causes the pain on the back. To reduce or avoid such pain, reduce the amount of load you put on the back.

  1. Stretch

If you sit, stand or lie on the same point, relieve the pressure on the spine by stretching.  You can also walk around.


Back pains can thus be reduced or prevent when one maintains good posture all the time. In addition to this one needs to avoid any behavior or practice that strains the back.


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