Generic Fioricet manufacturer list with their NDC number


Qualitest Fioricet NDC 0603-2544-21

Actually There are much more Generic fioricet manufacturers there. We cannot list them all.  All legal Fioricet manufacturers have NDC number. Normally a pharmacy can not guarantee what brand fioricet generic they will distribute.

Different customers have different experience on taking Fioricet brand. Some think watson fioricet is better, some think Mikart Fioricet is better, some think oblong fioricet is hard to take. But a lot of patient likes Mikart more.


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  1. Unfortunately there is no way to know for certain which generic will work best for you until you keep testing out different ones. Different manufacturers use different “inactive” ingredients, which may cause reactions similar to the one you’ve experienced with the generic Fiorocet from Vantage.

  2. Mikart Inc. produce an oblong white pill with the imprint MIA 110. It is scored down the middle and blank on the other side. This pill contains (325 mg) of Acetaminophen, + (50 mg) of Butalbital + (40 mg) of caffeine.

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