Should You Take Fioricet For Migraine?

If you suffer from migraine, then episodes can be completely incapacitating and last several days. This can impact work, school, personal relationships, and recreation activities.

Mikart Fioricet
Mikart Fioricet

Most people with migraine take medication to manage these symptoms, along with making lifestyle changes to avoid migraine triggers (which often include certain foods, stress, flashing lights, etc.). Even with proper care, however, migraine can remain disruptive in a person’s life, resulting in time away from work and difficulty scheduling and attending planned events.

Some people treat their migraine with a medication called Fioricet, which is typically prescribed for tension headaches caused by muscle contractions. However, Fioricet is sometimes given as an off-label treatment for migraine or obtained directly over the internet.

What is Fioricet?

Fioricet is known as a combination medicine in that it contains more than one medication. Specifically, Fioricet contains acetaminophen, butalbital, and caffeine.

Caffeine and acetaminophen work for pain relief, while butalbital induces relaxation, thus relaxing the muscle contractions that cause tension headaches. The drug is quite effective for occasional use to treat severe tension headaches that might be disrupting a person’s life.

There are a number of other brands that have the same active ingredients, including:

  • Alagesic

  • Americet

  • Anolor

  • Anoquan

  • Arcet

  • Dolgic

  • Dolmar

  • Endolor

  • Esgic

  • Ezol

  • Femcet

  • Fiorpap

  • G-1

  • Ide-cet

  • Isocet

  • Margesic

  • Medigesic

  • Minotal

  • Mygracet

  • Nonbac

  • Pacaps

  • Pharmagesic

  • Quala Cet

  • Repan

  • Tenake

  • Tencet

  • Triad

  • Two-Dyne

  • Zebutal

These other brands may contain different inactive ingredients, however, which can potentially help avoid allergies or migraine triggers that might be included in the medication.

Why is Fioricet used to treat migraines?

Fioricet is prescribed to treat both migraine and tension-type headaches, although it has not been approved to treat migraines specifically. Fioricet is not often used as an initial medication, but it can be prescribed off-label for migraine in some cases.

Only a  subset of people¹ report benefits, and those people are typically non-responders to more mainstream medication. Butalbital can also reduce anxiety and thus help with migraines that are caused by stress. However, it can also present other issues, including physical addiction.

Because of this, some doctors prescribe Fioricet or similar medication only to people who do not respond to triptans, although it can have a solid benefit for those who need it. However, doctors have to be careful to avoid dependency. The approved use for tension headaches is typically far more occasional and thus less likely to lead to overuse of the medication.

How do you take Fioricet?

Fioricet is taken orally, as a capsule or tablet, as a treatment for acute migraine. It plays no role in preventing migraine. You should take it only if you feel an attack or episode coming on. Typically, you take one tablet or capsule as needed every four hours, and no more than six tablets in a 24-hour period.

Never take more Fioricet than your doctor recommends, and do not take it because you are afraid you might be exposed to a trigger. It is very easy to overdose on this medication, and the overdose risks are high, including potentially fatal reactions.

Side effects of taking Fioricet

Known side effects of Fioricet include:

  • Drowsiness

  • Nausea and vomiting

  • Lightheadedness

  • Depression

  • Stomach pain

  • Confusion

  • Fatigue

  • Dizziness

People can also be allergic to one or more ingredients in Fioricet. Needless to say, you should not take Fioricet if you know you are allergic to caffeine. It should be taken with food or milk, which can be challenging for those whose migraine is accompanied by nausea.

Can Fioricet interact with other medications?

Fioricet can interact with a number of medications.

It is contraindicated with doravirine, fostemsavir, isavuconazonium sulfate, isocarboxazid, linezolid, lonafarnib, lorlatinib, mavacamten, and phenelzine.

It interacts with several other medications, including ergotamine, fentanyl, heparin, statins, clonazepam, cortisone, conjugated estrogens, birth control, hydrocortisone, etc. You should not drink caffeine-containing beverages or alcohol when taking Fioricet.

The list of interactions is extremely long, which is another reason why Fioricet is not a first-line medication for migraine treatment.

Risks from taking fioricet for migraine

In addition to hundreds of potential drug interactions, taking Fioricet does carry some other risks that you need to discuss with your doctor.

What should I do if I overdose?

It is relatively easy to overdose on Fioricet. An overdose can cause caffeine toxicity, which seldom happens due to the normal consumption of food and caffeinated beverages. Overdosing can cause seizures, weakness, confusion, trouble breathing, and severe liver damage.

Other symptoms might include ringing in the ears, unusual heartbeat, trouble walking or sleeping, and slurred speech.

If you have taken too much of this medicine, call the poison control center at 800-222-1222. You may need to go to the emergency room. Fioricet overdose can be serious, and there have been instances of people intentionally overdosing.

Fioricet should be stored out of the reach of children and pets.

What if I have an allergic reaction?

Allergy symptoms include itching, skin rash, and difficulty breathing. You should call your doctor immediately if you experience these symptoms. Rarely, acetaminophen can cause Stevens-Johnson Syndrome,² a serious allergic reaction that causes inflammation of the skin and detachment of the upper surface.

Because of this, any skin reaction to Fioricet needs to be taken seriously. Do not take any more of the medication and call your doctor right away. This reaction can happen even if you have taken acetaminophen before.

Barbiturates can also cause potentially fatal skin reactions so, again, make sure that you get any kind of skin reaction checked by a healthcare professional immediately. Conditions such as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and similar toxic epidermal necrolysis are associated with significant morbidity and mortality.

These conditions require early detection and care, so check your skin regularly if you are taking this medication and pay attention to any rash or lesions.

Other allergic symptoms should also warrant a call to your doctor. Most likely, you will have to discontinue the medication and switch to an alternative. You should not take Fioricet if you have previously had any reaction to acetaminophen or to caffeine.

Is Fioricet safe for pregnant women?

You should not take Fioricet if you are pregnant. Butalbital is potentially associated with certain congenital heart defects, namely:

  1. Tetralogy of Fallot: This is a complex of four cardiac and pulmonary defects. Many infants with this condition require surgery soon after birth as it increases the risk of arrhythmia and endocarditis and causes developmental delays.

  2. Pulmonary valve stenosis: This is a narrowing of the valve that controls blood flow to the lungs, causing the right ventricle to have to pump harder, which can cause damage to the heart over time.

  3. Secundum-type atrial septal defect (ASD): This is a hole in the wall between the two atriums of the heart, allowing blood to flow between the two atriums, which can affect blood oxygen levels. Small defects generally go untreated and often close on their own, but larger ones may need a procedure to lower the risk of abnormal heart rhythms, heart failure, heart infection, stroke, and pulmonary hypertension.

The connection has not been formally proven due to the small sample sizes in available studies. However, given it is statistically significant, Fioricet should be avoided while pregnant and breastfeeding, as it does pass into breast milk.

If you get migraines and become pregnant, you should talk to your doctor. Other migraine medications can also carry risks during pregnancy and you may need your medications adjusted.

Is Fioricet addictive?

Both butalbital and caffeine can be physically addictive. It is very possible to become addicted to Fioricet, which is another reason it is not a front-line treatment. Because people with migraine get headaches fairly regularly, they have a higher risk of becoming addicted to Fioricet and/or its ingredients.

Barbiturates, in particular, can be a drug of abuse. This is important to note as Fioricet is sometimes taken to help people sleep, reduce stress, or self-medicate anxiety or depression.

People with mental health issues or a history of substance use disorder are more likely to abuse Fioricet. In fact, these factors are considered potential contraindications for prescribing Fioricet. This includes alcoholism, especially as mixing alcohol and Fioricet can cause extreme drowsiness and impaired judgment.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Regular use can cause rebound headaches, which are highly unpleasant and may not always respond to normal treatments. You should not use Fioricet on a daily basis in order to avoid this. Rebound headaches are caused by physical dependence on the drug to control pain and/or by physical addiction to caffeine, which results in headaches as a withdrawal symptom.

Caffeine withdrawal can also cause fatigue, low energy, depression, drowsiness, concentration issues, brain fog, and irritability. If you are prone to caffeine addiction, you need to be aware that Fioricet can cause or aggravate it due to a large amount of caffeine in the drug.

Barbiturates can cause a withdrawal state similar to alcohol, including seizures and delirium. Usually, people get addicted to Fioricet after ordering it online to self-medicate for chronic headaches, without realizing that it should not be taken daily. There are substantiated cases of people taking Fioricet for migraine and becoming addicted.

Additionally, much like alcohol, the more of the drug you take, the more you need to get the same effect, which can cause an overdose. You should talk to your doctor if Fioricet is no longer working as well as when you first started taking it. This can be a sign of physical dependence and may mean you need to stop taking the drug before you become tempted to take excessively large doses.

Common withdrawal symptoms of Fioricet include:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Insomnia

  • Hallucinations

  • Increased heart rate

  • Increased sweating

  • Nausea

  • Seizures

People who have become addicted to Fioricet may require detox and rehab to help them get through the withdrawal symptoms. It is very important not to take this medication other than when you truly need it. As you can get a little bit high from Fioricet, the temptation for recreational abuse is present.

Fioricet vs. other migraine medications

The prescription of Fioricet for migraine is off-label. That is, it is not approved for treating migraine in the United States, but doctors may still prescribe it in some circumstances. Most doctors consider there to be better options.

Because of all the issues listed above, Fioricet is most often used as a medication of last resort to treat people who have not responded to other migraine medications. There is an array of other migraine medications available, and almost all of them are better and safer than Fioricet, although many are more expensive.

Fioricet should not be taken daily, so it is a poor choice for chronic migraine.

Mainstream medications used to treat migraines include:

  • Regular over-the-counter painkillers taken as needed

  • Caffeine

  • Triptans, specific to migraine

  • Antiemetics used to treat migraine that comes with nausea

  • Botox, for chronic migraine

A non-drug treatment sometimes used for migraine is transcranial magnetic stimulation³ (TMS). Studies show that TMS is significantly effective for acute migraine but has little to no effect on chronic migraine. More research is needed. However, TMS is generally safe and may be worth discussing with your doctor.

Combination drugs are also commonly used. These are called migraine cocktails and are prescribed especially for severe acute migraine.

Even better is to try and identify and avoid your migraine triggers so you don’t have to take medication as often. This can be easier for some people than for others.

Precautions when taking Fioricet

Consider the issues already mentioned. Never take more Fioricet than required, don’t take it every day, and keep it away from children and pets.

Additionally, Fioricet is contraindicated during pregnancy and for:

  1. People with porphyria

  2. People with a history of depression and suicidal thoughts

  3. People with a history of substance use disorder or alcoholism

  4. People with asthma, emphysema, or other lung diseases

  5. People with kidney, liver, or stomach problems

  6. Older adults in general

  7. People with sleep apne

  8. People with a significant cardiovascular impairment such as congestive heart failure

  9. People with high blood pressure

  10. People with phenylketonuria

You should not drink alcohol when taking Fioricet as the combination can be extremely sedating and may potentially knock you out. It can also increase the risk of liver damage and toxicity.

Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after taking Fioricet as it can impact your ability to stay focused and alert for several hours after taking a dose. Avoid doing any tasks that require mental focus, and don’t sign any binding legal documents due to the risk of impaired judgment.

When to visit a doctor

Don’t attempt to obtain Fioricet online without a prescription. Due to the large numbers of interactions, some severe, with other drugs as well as the potential for addiction, self-medicating with Fioricet is highly dangerous.

If you are taking Fioricet, you should seek medical help if:

  1. Your headaches are worsening in frequency or intensity

  2. You have any kind of skin reaction to the medication

  3. The medication is no longer working as it once did

  4. You have any kind of allergic reaction

You should call your doctor right away if you discover that you are pregnant, due to the potential risk of cardiac birth defects, to discuss whether you should continue taking Fioricet or switch to an alternative.

In general, your doctor will only prescribe Fioricet when other medications have not worked.

The lowdown

Fioricet is a medication approved for tension headaches that is sometimes prescribed for migraines. However, it is not an initial treatment migraine drug due to lower efficacy (except in people who don’t respond to other medications), the risks of overdose and addiction, and the large number of drug interactions.

Typically, your doctor will only prescribe Fioricet if absolutely necessary, and you should not seek it out on your own. There are many better medication options for people with migraine that you and your doctor can explore.

Gabapentin is Used to Treat Nerve Pain

Nerve pain can be a symptom of many different conditions, includingcancer, HIV, diabetes, and shingles.

For some, nerve pain is frustrating; for others, nerve pain is devastating and life-changing.

Whether it feels like burning, pinpricks, or sudden shocks of electricity, nerve pain can disrupt your life at home and at work. It can limit your ability to get around. Over time, it can grind you down. Studies show that people with nerve pain have higher rates of sleep problems,anxiety, and depression.Your nervous system is involved in everything your body does, from regulating your breathing to controlling your muscles and sensing heat and cold.

There are three types of nerves in the body:

  1. Autonomic nerves. These nerves control the involuntary or partially voluntary activities of your body, including heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, and temperature regulation.
  2. Motor nerves. These nerves control your movements and actions by passing information from your brain and spinal cord to your muscles.
  3. Sensory nerves. These nerves relay information from your skin and muscles back to your spinal cord and brain. The information is then processed to let you feel pain and other sensations.

Because nerves are essential to all you do, nerve pain and damage can seriously affect your quality of life.

When you have a serious medical condition such as cancer or HIV, dealing with the additional misery of nerve pain can be especially hard. But there is good news. While nerve pain can’t always be cured, it can be treated — and there are a lot of good options available.

Experts believe that 40 million Americans are living with nerve pain. The impact of nerve pain is tremendous. Both the costs to the healthcare system as well as loss of wages and productivity are staggering.

How Are Nerve Pain and Nerve Damage Treated?

In many instances, nerve damage cannot be cured entirely. But there are various treatments that can reduce your symptoms. Because nerve damage is often progressive, it is important to consult with a doctor when you first notice symptoms. That way you can reduce the likelihood of permanent damage.

Often, the first goal of treatment is to address the underlying condition that’s causing your nerve pain or nerve damage. This may mean:

  • Regulating blood sugar levels for people with diabetes
  • Correcting nutritional deficiencies
  • Changing medications when drugs are causing nerve damage
  • Physical therapy or surgery to address compression or trauma to nerves
  • Medications to treat autoimmune conditions

Additionally, your doctor may prescribe medications aimed at minimizing the nerve pain you are feeling. These may include:

  • Pain relievers
  • Tricyclic antidepressants
  • Certain anti-seizure drugs – Gabapentin

Complementary and alternative approaches may also help alleviate your nerve pain and discomfort. These include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Biofeedback
  • Hypnosis
  • Meditation

The Off-lable use of Gabapentin for Migraine

Gabapentin is as an anti-epileptic drug and as an analgesic, particularly for pain of the neuropathic or neurogenic type.  When used for controlling epilepsy, it is usually used in conjunction with another anti-epileptic drug.  But Gabapentin is widely used  to treat nerve pain or neuropathic pain than it is to treat epilepsy. It is also widely used to treat Anxiety and Migraine prevention.

Gabapentin for Migraine Reviews
Gabapentin for Migraine Reviews

One of Gabapentin “off-label” usage is for migraine prevention and treatment, including migraines with or without aura, vestibular migraines. It can reduce the frequency of headaches, pain intensity, and the use of symptomatic medications. Gabapentin is a good preventive therapy for migraines refractory to standard medications.

The chemical structure of gabapentin is related that of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) which is a neurotransmitter in the brain. The exact mechanism as to how gabapentin controls epilepsy and relieves pain is unknown, but it probably acts like the neurotransmitter GABA.

The effective dose of gabapentin varies greatly. Some persons need only 200-300 mg a day whereas others may need 3000 mg or more a day. It may take several weeks to become effective, so it is important to stay on it for an adequate length of time.

The Efficacy of gabapentin in migraine prophylaxis experiment shows  gabapentin is an effective prophylactic agent for patients with migraine.

In the Clinical trials143 patients evaluated gabapentin for migraine prophylaxis.  After 3 months the patients taking gabapentin had a reduction of the migraine frequency by 1.5 migraines per month (or by 35.7%) compared with a reduction of 0.6 migraines per month for the placebo group. Also, gabapentin reduced the headache frequency by 50% or greater in 45% patients compared with only 16% patients on placebo. The most frequently reported adverse events  were asthenia, dizziness, somnolence, and infection.

In Famous medical websites, migraine patients also review the gabapentin as the migraine prevention medicine. They rate Gabapentin 8.1 stars out of ten stars. It is a high mark and means Gabapentin is a very effective medicine for migraine prevention.

I haven’t been taking this medication for long but it’s helped so much. Neuro started me off on 300mg at night and now I’m at 600mg at night. It doesn’t make me sleepy or drowsy. Before starting gabapentin, I was having migraines just about every day. I started having aphasia and vision changes with my migraines, so I decided to take action. I’ve only been on it for almost 2 weeks but I’ve been migraine free and my triggers are no longer triggers at this point, which is fantastic. I should note it has reduced my appetite but this is not a negative thing.” –  Crystaldreams July 25, 2017

This medication is..interesting. I am 20 with what a few doctors think is Fibro and a chronic pain condition but was Rx’d this med by a psych doctor for tension migraines. While it does NOT really help with migraines, it has been making me awfully sleepy and drowsy, and helping with weird aches and pains throughout my body. It can be used as a mood stabilizer and I can see why- because it makes you so drowsy you can’t do or say anything, especially after taking the evening dose! I’ve been afraid to drive any car since starting this. It makes me more drowsy than my anxiety meds which don’t make me drowsy at all! Doctor is raising the dose because since writing that first part- I have become quite used to the med, where my dose does NOT work  – Chelseabergstresser (taken for 1 to 6 months) May 11, 2017

“I have chronic Migraine called Glutamate Storm. First dose of 100mgs made me sleep 36 hours. Before I got the prescription I never slept more than 5 hours per night and often only got 2 hours of sleep per night. But I did not want to take a prescription every day, so I only took it when my ears were ringing really loud and I was sleep deprived. But then I noticed that my chronic cough was always gone the day after taking Gabapentin. So I started taking it every day for that. When I did, my headache and ear ringing got a lot better. I am now taking 400 mgs per day. I had bad breath at first, but it’s gone. Dr. says it might have detoxed something. I am all for that. Better out than in. This drug has helped me a lot. And I am not pro-pharma.” – Gylm April 26, 2017

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What is gabapentin?

Gabapentin is a prescription drug. It comes as an oral capsule, an immediate-release oral tablet, an extended-release oral tablet, and an oral solution.

What is Gabapentin ?
What is Gabapentin ?

Gabapentin oral capsule is available as the brand-name drug Neurontin. It’s also available as a generic drug. Generic drugs usually cost less than the brand-name version. In some cases, the brand-name drug and the generic version may be available in different forms and strengths.

Gabapentin (Generic Neurontin ) was developed to treat epilepsy, but it is now used to treat various forms of chronic pain. It works by reducing the number of signals sent through the nerves. If the signals are reduced then the pain will be reduced. Research has shown that Gabapentin can help in treating various types of nerve pain.

Why Gabapentin is used

Gabapentin oral capsule is used to treat the following conditions:

    • Seizures: Gabapentin is used to treat partial (focal) seizures. It’s taken together with other seizure medications in adults and in children 3 years of age and older who have epilepsy.
    • Postherpetic neuralgia: This is pain from nerve damage caused by shingles, a painful rash that affects adults. Shingles appears after infection with the varicella zoster virus. This virus occurs in people who have had chicken pox.

Gabapentin may be used as part of a combination therapy. This means you may need to take it with other drugs.

How Gabapentin works

Gabapentin belongs to a class of drugs called anticonvulsants. A class of drugs is a group of medications that work in a similar way. These drugs are often used to treat similar conditions.


It’s not fully understood how gabapentin works. For postherpetic neuralgia, it seems to prevent the increase in sensitivity to pain that occurs. For seizures, it may alter the effect of calcium (low levels of calcium may cause seizures).

 Gabapentin off-label usages

Some Research Team performed searches to look for clinical trials where gabapentin was used to treat neuropathic pain or fibromyalgia. They found that 5633 participants had been involved in 37 studies of reasonable quality.  They tested gabapentin against placebo for four weeks or more.  Studies lasting only one or two weeks are unhelpful when pain can last for years.

Neuropathic pain is pain coming from damaged nerves. It differs from pain messages carried along healthy nerves from damaged tissue (a fall, cut, or arthritic knee).

Neuropathic pain is treated by different medicines than pain from damagedtissue. Medicines like paracetamol or ibuprofen are not effective in neuropathic pain, while medicines that are sometimes used to treat depression or epilepsy can be very effective in some people with neuropathic pain.

Our understanding of fibromyalgia (a condition of persistent, widespread pain and tenderness, sleep problems, and fatigue) is poor, but fibromyalgia can respond to the same medicines as neuropathic pain.

Gabapentin is helpful for some people with chronic neuropathic pain or fibromyalgia. Gabapentin comes as a capsule, tablet, or solution. You take it by mouth. Gabapentin is available as the brand-name drugs Neurontin, Gralise, and Horizant.  It’s also available as a generic drug.

By, Gabapentin Can be used for a lot of Nerve Pain related health conditions. Gabapentin is also used for a lot of off-label usage such as  Cough, Hot Flashes, Alcohol Withdrawal, Anxiety 161 reviews, Bipolar Disorder, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Postherpetic Neuralgia, Migraine, Insomnia, Occipital Neuralgia, Peripheral Neuropathy,Vulvodynia, Benign Essential Tremor, Epilepsy, Fibromyalgia, Pain Relief, Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy , Neuropathic Pain,Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome,Periodic Limb Movement Disorder, Spondylolisthesis, Burning Mouth Syndrome,Pudendal Neuralgia, Small Fiber Neuropathy.

A lot of Patients use Gabapentin (Neurontin) to treat Hot Flashes, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Migraine, Insomnia, Restless Legs Syndrome, Peripheral Neuropathy, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathic Pain. Fe patients use gabapentin to treat Pruritus, Cough, Occipital Neuralgia, Benign Essential Tremor, ement Disorder, Spondylolisthesis, Burning Mouth Syndrome, Pudendal Neuralgia, Small Fiber Neuropathy.

Gabapentin off-label usages
Gabapentin off-label usages

There are totally 1359 reviews on Gabapentin, only eleven reviews are on Epilepsy whereas 1348 reviews are on Gabapentin Off-label usage. The most widely usage of Gabapentin is for Anxiety ( 243 Reviews ), Pain Relief ( 241 Reviews ), Fibromyalgia ( 137 Reviews ), Peripheral Neuropathy (119 reviews ), Bipolar Disorder ( 83 reviews ), Migraine ( 79 reviews), Neuropathic Pain ( 75 reviews ), Hot Flashes (70 reviews ), Restless Legs Syndrome (61 Reviews ) and Insomnia ( 59 reviews). The most effective usage of Gabapentin is for Pruritus and Cough.

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How long will I have to take Gabapentin for?

This is different for different people. In general, Gabapentin will have to be taken for as long as you are requiring pain relief for nerve pain. Do not stop taking your Gabapentin suddenly if you have been taking it for a while. Your body will be used to the Gabapentin and stopping it suddenly may cause withdrawal symptoms. Reducing the dose slowly as advised by your pain specialist or GP will help stop withdrawal symptoms happening. You may wish to reduce the dose every so often, to check nerve pain is still a problem.

How to take Gabapentin ?

The dose of gabapentin required varies from person to person. To avoid side effects we build up to the dose gradually. The tables in this leaflet show you how this can be done. Some patients can put their dose up faster than others. We call this faster way the FAST TRACK (see table 1).

If you find you are getting side effects with the fast track way of putting your dose up, you can switch to the SLOWER METHOD. ( see table 2).ther people will need to put their dose up less quickly over a number of weeks. This is THE SLOWER METHOD .

As with any medication it is important to check how well it works.  With gabapentin this can be in a few days but for most patients may take 4-8 weeks to assess the full benefit. If you feel you are getting no benefit from this medication please discuss this with your GP or pain specialist.

Gabapentin other Off-label usages

Gabapentin is one drug that researchers have studied for preventing migraines. It has a high safety profile and few side effects. This makes it a good option for Migraine prevention.  Results from some clinical trials have shown a modest benefit from the use of gabapentin for migraine prevention.

However, the American Academy of Neurology (AAN), the organization that provides guidance for the use of drugs to prevent migraines, has stated that there is not enough evidence at this time to support the use of gabapentin for migraine prevention. Healthcare professionals can choose to prescribe gabapentin when other prevention therapies have not worked, however.

Gabapentin has been proven to be effective for people who have hard-to-treat depression or other mood disorders.  Neurontin is not your traditional anxiety drug. It’s a drug primarily described to those with bipolar disorder, not anxiety. Bipolar disorder is a complicated mental health problem.

Gabapentin was successful in helping with rapid cycling and mixed bipolar states in people who have not received relief from valproate or carbamazepine. It appeared that Gabapentin helped more with anxiety and agitation than the other two drugs.

It has also been shown that Gabapentin could aid people with certain types of tardive dyskinesia. That’s why anyone that has been prescribed Neurontin should strongly consider taking it, despite the side effects above and questions about its effectiveness. Bipolar disorder is not something that should be left to chance.

The total number of patients treated with NEURONTIN in controlled clinical trials in patients with postherpetic neuralgia was 336, of which 102 (30%) were 65 to 74 years of age, and 168 (50%) were 75 years of age and older. There was a larger treatment effect in patients 75 years of age and older compared with younger patients who received the same dosage. Since gabapentin is almost exclusively eliminated by renal excretion, the larger treatment effect observed in patients ≥ 75 years may be a consequence of increased gabapentin exposure for a given dose that results from an age-related decrease in renal function.

However, other factors cannot be excluded. The types and incidence of adverse reactions were similar across age groups except for peripheral edema and ataxia, which tended to increase in incidence with age.

Clinical studies of NEURONTIN in epilepsy did not include sufficient numbers of subjects aged 65 and over to determine whether they responded differently from younger subjects.

Other reported clinical experience has not identified differences in responses between the elderly and younger patients. In general, dose selection for an elderly patient should be cautious, usually starting at the low end of the dosing range, reflecting the greater frequency of decreased hepatic, renal, or cardiac function, and of concomitant disease or other drug therapy.

This drug is known to be substantially excreted by the kidney, and the risk of toxic reactions to this drug may be greater in patients with impaired renal function. Because elderly patients are more likely to have decreased renal function, care should be taken in dose selection, and dose should be adjusted based on creatinine clearance values in these patients.

What form(s) does this medication come in?



100 mg – Each hard gelatin Coni-Snap capsule, with white opaque body and cap printed with “PD” on one side and “Neurontin/100 mg” on the other, contains gabapentin 100 mg.

300 mg – Each hard gelatin Coni-Snap capsule, with yellow opaque body and cap printed with “PD” on one side and “Neurontin/300 mg” on the other, contains gabapentin 300 mg.

400 mg – Each hard gelatin Coni-Snap capsule, with orange opaque body and cap printed with “PD” on one side and “Neurontin/400 mg” on the other, contains gabapentin 400 mg.


600 mg – Each white, elliptical, film-coated tablet with “Neurontin 600” printed on one side contains gabapentin 600 mg.

800 mg –  Each white, elliptical, film-coated tablet with “Neurontin 800” printed on one side contains gabapentin 800 mg.

How to take gabapentin

The gabapentin dosage your doctor prescribes will depend on several factors. These include:

      • the type and severity of the condition you’re using gabapentin to treat
      • your age
      • the form of gabapentin you take
      • other medical conditions you may have

Typically, your doctor will start you on a low dosage and adjust it over time to reach the dosage that’s right for you. They’ll ultimately prescribe the smallest dosage that provides the desired effect.

The following information describes dosages that are commonly used or recommended. However, be sure to take the dosage your doctor prescribes for you. Your doctor will determine the best dosage to suit your needs.

We do not sell Gabapentin to all patients!

Normally Gabapentin is suitable for all adult and children bigger than six years old. But you are not allowed to order Gabapentin online especially in our online pharmacies if you have any of following health conditions (But you are OK to order in your local street pharmacies):

      1. You are younger than 18 years old;
      2. You have kidney disease;
      3. Alcohol – you are addictive to alcohol, gabapentin may cause alcohol intolerance;
      4. diabetes – Gabapentin may affect blood sugar levels, you must find a local doctor to prescribe you Gabapentin.
      5. kidney disease,liver disease and heart diseases;
      6. a history of depression, mood disorder, drug abuse, or suicidal thoughts or actions;
      7. (for patients with RLS) if you are a day sleeper or work a night shift;
      8. You are breastfeeding mother or you are pregnant;
      9. have thoughts about suicide.
      10. If you are allergy to Gabapentin

Stop immediately if you have any thoughts about suicide.

Donot order Gabapentin online if you have suicide thoughts. Please go to your doctor to have you completely checked.

We hope you can refill your Gabapentin online using our online pharmacy. You have already checked by your local doctors and they have prescribed you Gabapentin.  After your first prescription, you can order in our websites. Our doctors and pharmacists will review your health conditions too and it is much easier for you to understand the gabapentin prescription you are taking.

Gabapentin may interact with other medications

Gabapentin oral capsule can interact with several other medications. Different interactions can cause different effects. For instance, some can interfere with how well a drug works, while others can cause increased side effects.

Below is a list of medications that can interact with gabapentin. This list does not contain all drugs that may interact with gabapentin.

Before taking gabapentin, be sure to tell your doctor and pharmacist about all prescription, over-the-counter, and other drugs you take. Also tell them about any vitamins, herbs, and supplements you use. Sharing this information can help you avoid potential interactions.

If you have questions about drug interactions that may affect you, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Pain drugs

When used with gabapentin, certain pain drugs can increase its side effects, such as tiredness. Examples of these drugs include:

  • morphine

Stomach acid drugs

When used with gabapentin, certain drugs used to treat stomach acid problems can reduce the amount of gabapentin in your body. This can make it less effective. Taking gabapentin 2 hours after taking these drugs can help prevent this problem. Examples of these drugs include:

  • aluminum hydroxide
  • magnesium hydroxide