Symptoms of Cluster headaches and Treatment

Symptoms related to cluster headaches are agonizing so much so that these headaches can even awaken a person from his/her sleep. The pain causes in cyclic patterns like 1-3 headaches on a daily basis and it can continue for 2-3 months. The headache then disappears completely as you go into remission and remission lasts for few months or even couple of years.

Symptoms and causes of cluster headaches

Cluster headaches occur rarely, aren’t life-threatening still very intense. The headache appears suddenly without any warning. The symptoms are

  • Sweating
  • Reduced size of pupil
  • Swelling around your eye
  • Runny nose or congestion
  • Redness of the eye on the side which is affected or        excessive tearing
  • Difficulty in closing the eyelid (affected area)
  • Restlessness

Cluster headaches do not last for more than 15 minutes and rarely continue for a few hours. However they are agonizing and very intense. The pain ends as fast as it begins. After the attack the person becomes pain free but exhausted.

Some people report nausea, sensitivity to sound, light or an aura as symptoms of cluster headaches. The exact cause of cluster headaches is still not known but it is believed that it may occur due to hypothalamus abnormalities. Cluster headaches are also influenced due to change in season and they occur in spring the most. These headaches are also triggered because of alcohol consumption.

Treatment of cluster headaches

An individual should consult the doctor immediately upon experiencing such type of headache to know the cause. Though cluster headaches are severe but do not occur as a result of serious disease, but some conditions like aneurysm and brain tumor seem to be like cluster headaches.

A detailed diagnosis is based on the characteristics of your headaches, pain type and pattern of attacks. A medical physician may conduct blood tests, MRI, CT scan etc., cluster headaches have no cure and treatment is given to reduce the pain severity and duration of pain attacks and duration of period during which the cluster headache occurs.

OPT medications like ibuprofen and aspirin sometimes aren’t effective as the headaches occur suddenly and stop within a short time span, not leaving a single second for the drug to show its effect. There are some treatment that act fast to provide pain relief as well.

Other medications that are used as preventive therapy and used to suppress the attach the very moment It begins. Your physician may prescribe.

  • Melatonin
  • Lithium carbonate
  • Calan, Verelan
  • Nerve block
  • Ergotamine
  • Corticosteroids
  • Divalproex

Some people who do not want to take medications or do not get relief with standard treatment often go for surgery that helps blocking trigeminal nerve. You should know all about cluster headaches so that when you visit your doctor you should be able to discuss in detail with your doctor and getting all tests done as per doctor’s advice will be helpful to know if the headache is a cluster headache or the reason is different that you need to know.

Cefaly For Migraine Headache Treatment

Cefaly is the first cranial analgesic electrotherapy device, complete with an advanced Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation treatment and an ISO medical certificate. Cefaly can also help relax people suffering from the painful discomfort of trigeminal neuralgia and frontal sinusitis.

Headaches are not specific to a particular age group and Cefaly is known to act on the physiological mechanisms that are not age reliant. Therefore, Cefaly aids in alleviating symptoms and preventing them regardless of age. Moreover, Cefaly is suitable for children 8 years and above, provided it is used under adult supervision.

Cefaly employs sophisticated state of the art technology using Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation therapy in a patented device that is lightweight, easy to use and effective.

This device uses gentle electric impulses that act on the nerve cells that are responsible for the pain and various other sensations, most associated with migraine and headache. However, Cefaly is most beneficial when pain is located in the front half or the skull. Through the electrode, Cefaly transmits detailed electrical impulses that manipulate the trigeminal nerves. This prevents the brain from registering pain signals, and stimulates endorphins.

Worn like a pair of spectacles, Cefaly is designed to prevent and treat chronic and recurrent headaches and substantially reduce and prevent stress and anxiety. During the 20 minute Cefaly treatment session, a pleasant tingling sensation is felt. The intensity of this sensation can be adjusted to personal preferences. The treatment can be repeated as required. However, Cefaly does not benefit the pain located at the back of the skull or in the lower part of the face below the eyes.

How is lifestyle affected?

Although nasty, painful and debilitating, most headaches are not life-threatening. However, they can diminish a person’s quality of life as severely as serious medical conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure.

Medical studies reveal that people who suffer from regular headaches face severe limitations in their ability to function. Many people are even forced to stop work and non-work activities as well as experience significantly reduced productivity in all activity domains. Chronic headaches have a marked negative influence on patients’ lives, compromising their sense of well-being and their day-to-day functioning. In fact, the highest decrease was seen in their physical role, vitality and social functioning.

These studies are alarming because the headaches are most prevalent among people between the ages of 25 and 55, which is the time of life when most people are at their economic peak and in the midst of raising their families.

Furthermore, medical research has revealed that more than 70% of sufferers experience impairment in interpersonal relationships, including work relationships, has increased incidence of depression and loss of short-term memory.

Headache prevention

Headaches affect nearly 90% of men and 95% of women. Persistent headaches can even alter a person’s personality. A bad headache lowers productivity, can you irritable, and drains you both mentally and physically. However, there are several ways to prevent headache. Some of them are:

• A good night’s sleep; make sure that your environment is peaceful.
• Stay away from incense the smoke contains a lot of alkaloids which, when inhaled can cause a rapid changes in your blood flow, causing a headache.
• Inhale steam or menthol vapors. Stand in a hot shower or dissolve menthol in hot water and inhale. This clears out sinuses and helps prevent a sinus headache.
• Dink plenty of water; it is the elixir of life. It helps keep the body running properly. Disrupted water balance can lead to terrible headaches.
• Use cucumber slices to cool the eye muscles.
• Do not sleep with hair gel on; hair gel is full of chemicals and mild perfume that can cause headaches after inhaling them all night. These chemicals will also clog the pores in the scalp, preventing the skin from being able to breathe.
• Avoid fermented or pickled foods as well as foods that contain monosodium glutamate and caffeine. These foods affect the blood flow in the body causing headaches.
• Stretch your body frequently; this helps keep the muscles loose.
• Eat organic foods as organic foods contain no foreign chemicals, which restrict blood flow.
• Practice Yoga; the benefits of yoga are plentiful. It keeps the body, mind and spirit relaxed, refreshed and stress free.

With a little extra effort each day one can drastically decrease the recurrence of headaches, allowing a person to lead a happy life.

Is That Headache Actually Sinusitis?

Symptoms can vary with both the type of sinusitis and the person who has it. For many (estimated to be about 87%) the symptoms seem to start with the common cold which either seems to never go away or to keep coming back. Here is a more complete list (with specifics) of the symptoms than I have been able to find searching the internet .

Head Congestion which is that feeling of stuffiness (most obvious when arising from bed) and is often relieved but not cured by a nice hot shower. This may manifest its self as a dull ache behind or above the eyes.
You may also experience some dizziness or light headiness.

Headache and/or Facial Pain which is sometimes difficult to differentiate, is another common symptom and the specifics vary depending on which sinus is inflamed.

You actually have four sets of sinus cavities, not one or two as many people believe. Sinus cavities come in pairs just like your legs and arms. I don’t want to be very technical about this because that would most likely confuse the people I am writing this for, I am not writing this for nurses or other health care professionals.

The specific pain symptoms are pain and swelling in the cheek or the pain might occur in the eye or the upper teeth (maxillary sinus).

Pain between and behind the eyes (ethmoid sinuses) or pain in the forehead and over the eyes (frontal sinuses).
Lastly, you could have a generalized pain deep in the head which becomes aggravated when your head is jarred, this is often perceived as a headache in back of the head at the base of the skull (sphenoids sinuses).

Air can be prevented from entering your sinuses due to swollen mucous membranes, thereby creating a vacuum which results in severe pain. This is why many sinus sufferers experience pain when the barometric pressure changes.

Now that you understand what the problem and symptoms are, maybe you realize that you might actually be suffering from sinusitis. I am not sure if I do because it is common for a sinus headache to be misdiagnosed as a migraine and vice versa.

You could go the traditional route and use cough suppressants, analgesics and decongestants, and possible antibiotics. You could also try a steam inhaler or perhaps cleansing the nasal passages with a Neti Pot. There is evidence that the Neti Pot is one of the most helpful treatments for curing chronic sinusitis. If you have done several rounds of antibiotics as well as other medicines or even surgery and nothing has given you relief, then maybe it’s time to try one of the alternatives. If you choose to use the Net Pot, you must read the directions. You will need to use a special saline solution and learn how to position your head so that the solution comes out of the opposite nostril.

I have used it and it does take a little while to get the hang of it. It’s similar to riding a bike, once you figure it out it becomes easier every time you do it.

Heal Your Headache Discomfort In 8 Ways

In many cases, folks who are experiencing migraine headaches are not in the position to visit a physician to obtain pain relief medication. For those people, here is a manual on just how you can cure headaches naturally, and of course, quickly.

How To Heal Your Headache Naturally…

Warm Bath: In lieu of sitting in a tub filled with ordinary water, place a handful of drops of valerian or passionflower in the bathtub. The body will immediately “feel” these relaxing essences and start to alleviate the tension in your head.

Meditating: When headache pain is a regular bother for you, you may want to consider a yoga or tai chi class, since it can be a very helpful approach to naturally cure your headache. Meditation can offer relaxation and comfort to your whole body.

Drinking Water Every Single Day: Water has proven to deliver practically immediate relief in regards to headaches. There is something about the rejuvenating nature of water that allows it to minimize the utter discomfort of a headache.

Have A Cup Of Herbal Tea: In the event that you feel a headache developing, have a cup or two of herbal tea made out of lavender or peppermint. These herbs are wonderful for soothing & calming the mind and body.

Nutritional Supplements: There are particular health supplements that can be extraordinarily effective at curing your headache naturally & safely. These include vitamin C, vitamin B6, choline, niacin and magnesium.

Putting Yourself On On A Healthy Diet: Taking in healthy foods like whole grains, antioxidant soaked fruits, vitamin filled veggies, and not to mention, fiber packed foods can be hugely beneficial with regard to getting rid of headache pain both quickly & naturally.

Quick Massage: Take several minutes to ever-so-gently caress your head, face and neck, as this could provide some fantastic help in healing your headache.

Why go to a medical professional for prescribed drugs to heal your headache pain if there are THIS MANY natural and tremendously powerful cures which anyone can easily use anytime they want?

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8 Techniques To Cure Your Headache Pain

Quite often, those whom are living with everyday headaches & migraines aren’t in the position to visit a specialist to receive pain relief medication. To help these people, listed here is a guide on exactly how you can cure headache pain easily, and naturally.

Hassle-free Ways To Treat Your Headache Naturally…

Relax In A Hot Bath: As an alternative to soaking in ordinary water, why not apply several drops of herbal oil into the water? Believe it or not, your body will instantly react to these calming essences and begin to ease the tension & pressure inside the head.

Meditation: Consider taking a yoga or tai-chi program, as it could be an enormously useful way to cure your headache naturally. Meditating can provide relaxation and comfort to your body and mind.

Drinking 3 Glasses Of Water: H2O has shown to deliver practically immediate relief in regards to headaches. There is something about the refreshing nature of water which allows it to reduce the painful effects of a headache.

Drink Herbal Tea: If a headache attacks, have some herbal tea brewed with peppermint, chamomile, lavender, or valerian. These herbs are fantastic at calming and soothing both the mind and body.

Try Taking Vitamins: There are particular dietary supplements which can be quite effective at curing headaches naturally & safely. Such vitamin supplements include magnesium, choline, niacin, vitamin C, vitamin b6, among others.

Eating Better, Healthier Foods: Consuming healthy foods such as whole grains, green-leafy veggies and foods rich in fiber are often very beneficial with regard to curing headache pain both quickly & naturally.

Head & Neck Massage: Take several minutes to gently caress your your head as well as your face and neck, as this may offer some very good help in eliminating headache pain.

Why go to a medical doctor for pain relief medication to cure your headache pain if there are THIS MANY natural and tremendously powerful remedies that anyone may use anytime they so choose?

Are You Suffering From a Cluster Headache Or a Migraine? Symptoms and Treatment Explained

Cluster headaches are to the highest degree often misunderstood to be migraines or several other kinds of headaches. They are a neurological disease that demands an intense measure of discomfort that can go on for minutes or hours therefore it is nicknamed suicidal headache.

It’s a horrible type of headache most base in men that generally comes out behind or around an eye, sometimes glowing to the neck or shoulder and is very tough. Cluster headaches are determined headaches and can happen at all ages yet most base in puberty and middle age. The main rationality of these headaches isn’t known but family history plays a small role in cluster headache than some weird sorts of headaches.

Heavy smoking, some medications, an interruption in normal sleep patterns, issues with the hypothalamus that is known to control the body s biological clock, alcohol use, stress and specific foods are some of the causes that trigger luster headaches. Cluster headaches start as serious, sharp headaches and go on for 2 to 3 hours before going to sleep. It makes the eye and nose on the same side swell up, red and runny, and the headache remains on the same side of the head occurring repeatedly every day at the same time for a couple of weeks before it goes away.

They can often go undiscovered for many years as patients regularly adopt it to be a migraine or other reasons behind headaches. The treatment for cluster headaches doesn’t cure the headache itself however it is to alleviate the symptoms such as the discomfort when it happens and to stop the headaches. The doctor may prescribe a couple of weeks of anti inflammatory, steroid hormone, medical drugs starting with a full dose at first then gradually lessening it.

Breathing in one hundred percent oxygen for some patients helps them relieve the discomfort. To stop the headache MD may order medicines like Ergot preparations and Methysergide maleate however, double checking with the doctor for potential side effects is advisable.

Telling the doctor what happens while experiencing a headache is the only way to diagnose the condition. The doctor may then order an MRI to confirm his diagnosis.

Though cluster headaches are painful and intolerable at times it is not considered harsh and normally doesn’t cause eternal structural changes. However, it is always better to see a doctor when early symptoms of cluster headaches start out.

Headache Treatment and Effective Home Remedies for Headache

A Headache is defined as a pain in the skull or upper neck. It is one of the most common locations of pain in the body and has many causes.

Whether they’re pounding and tender or dull and aching, headaches are ordinary in kids. Headaches can have a wide range of cause and many levels of severity.

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It’s important to understand how to recognize when a headache is just a passing pain and when it’s hard to believe more and requires medical attention.

A headache is pain or uneasiness in the head, scalp, or neck. Serious causes of headaches are extremely rare. Most people with headaches can feel much better by creation lifestyle changes, learning ways to relax, and occasionally by taking medications.

Headaches are one of the frequent complaints in case of a large number of people all over the world. There are various causes of headaches and people have one of more causes for headaches. Some of the popular causes consist of tension, migraine, head injury, sinusitis and many more. Headaches can affect anyone and everyone.

There is no particular time when it affects people. But one of the imperative things about headaches is that there are different types of headaches. But people are ignorant about the fact. In order to know what type of headaches is taking place, you require calling a doctor. The doctor will not only tell you about the type of headaches, but will also tell you about the medicine as well as remedies that you can take.

Treatment of Headache

Most headaches are tension headaches, caused by a muscle spasm in the back of the head and neck. The spasm can be spark by emotional stress or by holding the head in a fixed place (for example, while facing a computer screen or driving for hours). Sometimes the pain can be very severe and felt in the back of the head and around the head in a vise-like band.

Tension headaches are every so often helped by measures to let go the tight muscles. These include massage, hot showers and heat pads on the back of the neck or cold packs.

Home Remedies for Headache

1. Eat a ripe apple with little salt in morning on an unfilled stomach continuously for a week. It is a common remedy for chronic headache.

2. Boiling fresh ginger or dried ginger fine particles in water. Inhale it to relieve from sinus headache.

3. Lemon is a very beneficial natural remedy for headache cause by heat. Lemon crusts should be pounded into a fine paste in a mortar and practical as plaster on the forehead.

4. Keep your legs in a bucket filled with hot water (with temperature 40°C to 45°C) for 15 minutes every night before sleeping. Continue it for two to three weeks. It is also successful home remedy for chronic headache.

5. Put 10 drops of eucalyptus oil in boiled water, cover your head with a towel, and inhale the steam. It is also ordinary cure for sinus headache.

6. Prepare a paste by adding little water to 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon and apply it close by. It is proven remedy for sinus headache.

7. Rub the flowers of henna in vinegar and relate it over the forehead. It is also very effectual home remedy for headache due to heat.

Headache Treatment and Effective Home Remedies for Migraine Headache

Headache is one of the most recurrent of human discomforts. In today’s life headache is a normal feature. Most of the times an annoyance is more of a irritating nuisance than an pointer of a serious problem.

But, in some cases the headache does merit more serious notice as it can be the indicator of some significant problem.

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Every person getting recurring headache fears whether he/ she has a migraine. Following features are characteristic of a migraine headache

Clinical features: Throbbing and / or dull ache; nausea or vomiting; worst at the back one eye or ear usually on one side of the head.

Whether they’re pounding and sore or dull and aching, headaches are ordinary in kids.

Headaches can have a wide range of causes and many level of severity. It’s important to appreciate how to recognize when a headache is just a transitory pain and when it’s amazing more and requires medical attention.

There are four types of headache:  vascular, muscle contraction (tension), traction, and inflammatory.  The most frequent type of vascular headache is migraine.

Migraine headaches are frequently characterized by severe pain on one or both sides of the head, an upset stomach, and, at times, troubled vision.

Women are more probable than men to have migraine headaches.

Causes of Headache

Headaches have a wide variety of causes, ranging from eyestrain to irritation of the sinus cavities to life-threatening situation such as encephalitis, brain cancer, and cerebral aneurysms.

When the headache occurs in conjunction with a head injury the cause is frequently quite evident; however, many causes of headaches are more elusive.

The most frequent type of headache is a tension headache. Some people experience headaches when they are hungry or dehydrated.

Treatment of Headache

Most headaches are tension headaches, caused by a muscle spasm in the back of the head and neck.

The spasm can be sparked by emotional stress or by holding the head in a unchanging position (for example, while facing a computer screen or driving for hours).

Sometimes the pain can be very strict and felt in the back of the head and encircling the head in a vise-like band.

Home Remedies for Headache

1. Eat a ripe apple with little salt in morning on an empty stomach incessantly for a week. It is a common remedy for chronic headache.

2. Boiling fresh ginger or dried ginger powder in water. Inhale it to allay from sinus headache.

3. Lemon is a very beneficial natural remedy for headache caused by heat. Lemon crusts should be crushed into a fine paste in a mortar and applied as plaster on the forehead.

4. Keep your legs in a bucket filled with hot water (with temperature 40°C to 45°C) for 15 minutes every night before sleeping. Continue it for two to three weeks. It is also efficient home remedy for chronic headache.

5. Put 10 drops of eucalyptus oil in boiled water, cover your head with a towel, and inhale the steam. It is also common cure for sinus headache.

6. Prepare a paste by adding little water to 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon and be relevant it locally. It is proven remedy for sinus headache.

7. Rub the flowers of henna in vinegar and apply it over the brow. It is also very effective home remedy for headache due to heat.

Migraine Headache Treatments

Many people around the world suffer from migraine headaches. These headaches can often lead to a large amount of pain which can be debilitating for some people. Migraines are affecting a huge percentage of people and the causes are usually determined on an individual basis. People often use acupuncture to reduce the severity of the migraine headaches and reduce the frequency that they occur. These alternative therapies can also be used to reduce the side effects of migraines such as sickness, stress, muscle tension and fatigue.

No matter what types of medication you take for migraine headaches they can produce unwanted side effects and symptoms. And unfortunately, they can also increase the intensity of the very pain they were intended to relieve. There are many migraine headache triggers that will cause migraines and the first step toward eliminating this painful disorder is to determine what these triggers are and then eliminate them. Throbbing head pain is caused when the blood vessels surrounding the brain dilate. Placing a cold compress on the back of the neck can help minimize the flow of blood to the brain, thus relieving the throbbing pain.

There are other effective home remedies that can help reduce pain. Massaging tight muscles can aid in relaxation and the best spots for massage are the muscles of the neck, shoulders, face, and head. Be sure to use the pads of your fingers or thumbs and rub your muscles gently, but firmly. Another migraine treatment that has shown good results is taking niacin, also known as vitamin B3. If taken in sufficient amounts it can cause a person’s body to flush, or turn red. Before beginning a proper treatment for migraine headaches relief, it isn’t uncommon for sufferers to wind up in a emergency room because of the unendurable pain. Constrictions of blood vessels that supply the brain with blood are the likely root cause of migraines.

Migraines are a medical condition that impairs millions of people each year. While migraines differ in severity, common symptoms include altered perceptions, severe headaches, and nausea. Preventative migraine headache treatment options are used to prevent – or reduce – the number of migraines a person suffers from. Treatment usually is in the form of a medication or patch. Trigger management migraine treatments are aimed at identifying what causes migraines. Triggers can include a change of weather, air pressure, bright lights, glare, fluorescent light, fumes, and foods.

General pain management for migraine headache treatment can be used to treat non-life threatening migraines. Treatment options include the use of narcotic analgesics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and simple analgesics. As someone who has the unfortunate task of dealing with migraines you will surely be seeking some kind of migraine headache treatment to relieve yourself of the agony and pain that migraines come bearing when they do attack.

This option as it suggests should offer you more pleasant results compared to medicine. There are a number of techniques that have been researched by many migraine sufferers like applying heat or cold to the affected area and many more.