Back Pain during pregnancy and its treatment

While you are pregnant, you are happy that your baby inside you is growing and that is what should happen, but sometimes it is very tough on back. Most pregnant women complain of back pain mostly during second half of their pregnancies. To minimize back pain, you need to know what you can do. This article will help knowing about the things you can do

Back Pain- Causes during pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy occurs when your pelvis meets the spine at sacroiliac joint. Some possible reasons for back pain are

Weight gain

During a pregnancy which is healthy, women gain about 25-35 pounds. The spine is responsible to support the weight gained. That leads to back pain.  The weight of baby while growing and uterus put pressure on your blood vessels in back and pelvis.

Hormone changes

While you are pregnant you body produces a hormone known as relaxin that lets the ligaments present in pelvic area to relax and joint to turn looser in preparing for birth process. This hormone also leads the ligaments supporting spine to loosen causing pain and instability.

Posture changes

Sometimes you start adjusting your posture and also change how you move; this also leads to strain and back pain.


Emotional stress can also lead to muscle tension in your back, which is felt as spasms or back pain.

Treating back pain during pregnancy

If you do not have chronic back pain that you are suffering from before pregnancy, you can easily follow some tips to ease your back pain


Regular exercise helps boosting flexibility and strengthening muscles. That helps easing stress on the spine. Some exercises that are safe for pregnant women are swimming, walking and stationary cycling. You can also speak to your doctor to know about the exercises that you can start with.

Cold and heat

Applying heat & cold to the back can be of help. If your doctor advises, you can start by using cold compresses on the areas that is painful for up to 20 minutes, many times on a daily basis. After 2-3 days shift to heat which can be done by using bottle containing hot water or heating pad on area which is painful and remember you should apply heat to the abdomen during your pregnancy.


If you think your back pain is because of stress, you can speak to a counselor or a friend as their advice can be helpful.

Maintain right posture

Maintain a proper posture while sleeping, working or sitting for example sleeping on one side by using below placed between your knees can cut off stress from your back. You can also wear a support belt while sitting so that your back gets the right support.

Do not bend if you want to pick something from the ground. Avoid wearing high-heeled footwear. Do not try to sleep on your back. Wearing support hose is helpful. So in order to prevent back pain during pregnancy these simple tips can be helpful.

Is Chronic Pain Medication Safe to be used for long term?

For people with severe pain in back, pain medication becomes extremely necessary. Pain medications help people in acute or short-term pain so that it helps making the normal function possible and in case of chronic pain it helps manage pain while undergoing other types of treatments to administer the reasons for pain.

The above situation is just ideal situation. Unfortunately in some other cases people who face non-specific pain in back, means where the cause isn’t identified. People having acute pain can also become chronic pain in no time. People having chronic pain, quickly come under the trap of treatment  through drugs only to relieve the pain.

Many people completely trust their respective doctors and do not raise any question or doubt their way of treatment or prescribed medicines. However, problems arise when medication like short-acting opioid are used for managing chronic pain. Short-acting opioids are type of narcotic medications that help providing temporary relief from pain and it requires re-dosing frequently and over some period of time requires higher doses to attain the desired effect for pain relief.

Short-acting opioids tend to become habit forming medications compared to long-acting opioids and result in unwanted withdrawal symptoms, like flu, tremors, and diarrhea. It also effect the pain sufferer psychologically as the pain comes back again during withdrawal. Long-acting opioids are preferred over short-acting opioids for chronic pain.

What needs to be done

If the doctor has prescribed Percocet or any other inappropriate opioid to be taken in long term, make sure you ask your doctor. Your approach to the doctor will help in saving yourself and your chemical dependency for a prolonged period.

Discuss with your doctor and let him know that the medications that you are consuming is not fit for your pain and not safe for you. The appropriate way to avoid the withdrawal symptoms and manage pain completely depends on the duration of the current medicine you are taking. Discuss with your doctor and ask him to suggest you safer alternatives like long acting types of medications. Remember these medications have risk of dependency.

Don’t stop medications to be on the safer side as pain treatment for your back should not begin and end with concealing the pain. Your pain means it’s a sign that something is not going right in your body. Failure to find out and rectify the exact cause of pain can lead to other problems like degenerative disc, spinal misalignment, pain in facet joint etc., even if the exact cause isn’t identified it creates problem so it is better to spend experimenting with different treatment methods available like physical therapy, chiropractic care and massage therapy. Some other treatments include correction of postural dysfunction after analyzing a bit.

This is pain that you are suffering from and you need to be concerned about pain and its treatment. Your doctor will help you recovering from pain. Trust your doctor and empower yourself and learn about the possibilities of treatment and your body. It will help you a lot in healing faster.

Simple and Effective Solutions of Back and Neck Pain

If you are holding your grandchild, then it can be a fantastic experience. This moment can be the best moment of your whole life. Receiving some concentration and a warm hug from your partner can make your day wonderful, but sometimes these all things can become a throbbing experience in case you have back and neck pain. There are many people suffering from these problems, and they are unable to do their routine activities due to cruel pain. This type of cruel pain can change the behavior of a person. The way they treat others and the way they view life, in general, can become inclined by how much hurt they are experiencing.

Nobody wants to get hurt, but in case you hurt every time then it can be irritating. There are many people who are suffering from neck and back pain regularly. They survive in their small world, just to be capable of managing the cruel pain. Except you have experienced like this physically, it may be tough at times to recognize someone who feels this type of pain every day. They can easily turn into irritated. They can cut off themselves from family or other people, as noises can disturb them, and they do not wish to insult anyone. Back and neck pain can normally change, or it may be frenzied.

There are several things which can cause back pain, and mainly on the back side, there are different reasons, but the pain is very cruel as well as real. These kinds of problems can also be sourced from any kind of movement causing a jerk or it could also be cause by an accident. You may even have a back pain and neck pain from a torn ligament or from the muscle spasm. These may often be resolved and treated by proper treatment. You will need an expert treat this problem. You can take help from massage therapy, and a mixture of cold and heat, but normally heat feels the greatest. The heat gives you relax and calm down the muscles that are main reason of back and neck pain. Anxiety can be a reason of this pain as your body is all tense and uptight. There are few good leisure techniques that can’t just assist the back and neck pain, but even assist you deal with the anxiety also.

There are basically different kinds of products that are easily available that may help you to solve your major problems related to back pain and neck pain. Of course, medication is one of the main helps that can deal with these types of pain, but you should keep a try to pass up this treatment. The medication is addictive, and you can permanently get depend on this medication. The trouble is that once you start taking the medicine, your body used to the particular dosage, and then it takes dosage growingly to get done what accustomed to be less.

Top 10 daily habits to stop back pain


Back Pains is a problem we are likely to suffer from as a result of habits that are unhealthy. Essential and healthy tips to reduce and even prevent back pains are available. We just need to maintain adherence. Back pain reduction or avoidance requires little effort. Back pains can prevent us from going to work. It is a problem we thus should avoid. Daily practices or behavior play a great role in fighting back pains.

  1. Sleep with a Pillow under Your Knee

Sleeping with a pillow is a way or method of ensuring that pressure on the back is relieved even in your sleep is the use of a pillow.  It is advisable to place a pillow under the knees as this helps in elevating the legs. Reduction of pressure at your back and spine reduces the chances of suffering from back pains. Use of the pillow at the knees is thus essential for the prevention of pains in the back.

  1. Increase Calcium and Vitamin D intake

Having strong and healthy bones is associated with a reduction of issues that cause back pains for individuals.  Keep all the bones and the spine strong and healthy. Increase the intake of the ions calcium and intake of the Vitamin D. Consumption of these two in plenty is thus healthy for the bones. It thus goes a long way in the reduction and prevention of the back pains.  Drink products like milk and yogurt.  Use leafy greens or veggies and also take supplements for Vitamin D. Consulting and talking to the doctor is important. The doctor or physicians prescribe the right supplements.

  1. Work Your Core

One among the numerous and most benefits of exercise is the reduction of back pains.  The exercise routine on the core muscles is efficient in strengthening and exercising the muscles and the back, and thus reducing and preventing back pains.

  1. Change your Shoes

High-heeled shoes may be the reason you are suffering from back pains. Putting on low heeled shoes reduces and prevents the back from suffering pain.  You do not have to strain in low shoes as compared to when you are in high heels.  The low shoes are thus better and healthier for the back as no strain of the back while walking or standing is involved.

  1. Straighten Up

Good posture in addition to making you appear and look proper has a good role in keeping away back pains. Good posture helps in protecting intricate parts of the spine, and this keeps them in a way that they remain healthy and function well.  Bad posture makes the spine strain and can result to back pains.  Do not slouch or bending sideways while standing.

  1. Don’t Slump Over the Desk

Most people have the behavior or tendency of slumping over their desks at work. It is advisable and healthier for the back if you maintain a good posture. The posture while seating should be the same as while one is standing.  Maintain a good or proper posture to avoid straining of the back or the spine. The strain in return or later is likely to cause pains in the back.

  1. Mingle

It is essential to avoid remaining sitting for long periods or even remaining seated for long.  Avoid awkward postures while standing and sitting down.  Mingle with the people around. You can move from office to the other. In a party, move to where friends are and keep changing positions. Mingling is essential and helpful in reduction of the pressure on the spine.

  1. Put out that Cigarette

Smoking has numerous and serious risks to health.  Smokers have a risk of experiencing back pains due to the behavior of smoking.  Cigar smoking causes the restriction of the blood in the spine. Avoid the behavior of smoking cigarettes to keep off the pain on your spine or back.

  1. Lighten your Load

Heavy lifting also causes back pains.  Bulky carrying of products e.g. boxes and other packages need to be reduced. The practice increases pressure on the spine. The spine thus strains. The strain causes the pain on the back. To reduce or avoid such pain, reduce the amount of load you put on the back.

  1. Stretch

If you sit, stand or lie on the same point, relieve the pressure on the spine by stretching.  You can also walk around.


Back pains can thus be reduced or prevent when one maintains good posture all the time. In addition to this one needs to avoid any behavior or practice that strains the back.


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