Are You Suffering From a Cluster Headache Or a Migraine? Symptoms and Treatment Explained

Cluster headaches are to the highest degree often misunderstood to be migraines or several other kinds of headaches. They are a neurological disease that demands an intense measure of discomfort that can go on for minutes or hours therefore it is nicknamed suicidal headache.

It’s a horrible type of headache most base in men that generally comes out behind or around an eye, sometimes glowing to the neck or shoulder and is very tough. Cluster headaches are determined headaches and can happen at all ages yet most base in puberty and middle age. The main rationality of these headaches isn’t known but family history plays a small role in cluster headache than some weird sorts of headaches.

Heavy smoking, some medications, an interruption in normal sleep patterns, issues with the hypothalamus that is known to control the body s biological clock, alcohol use, stress and specific foods are some of the causes that trigger luster headaches. Cluster headaches start as serious, sharp headaches and go on for 2 to 3 hours before going to sleep. It makes the eye and nose on the same side swell up, red and runny, and the headache remains on the same side of the head occurring repeatedly every day at the same time for a couple of weeks before it goes away.

They can often go undiscovered for many years as patients regularly adopt it to be a migraine or other reasons behind headaches. The treatment for cluster headaches doesn’t cure the headache itself however it is to alleviate the symptoms such as the discomfort when it happens and to stop the headaches. The doctor may prescribe a couple of weeks of anti inflammatory, steroid hormone, medical drugs starting with a full dose at first then gradually lessening it.

Breathing in one hundred percent oxygen for some patients helps them relieve the discomfort. To stop the headache MD may order medicines like Ergot preparations and Methysergide maleate however, double checking with the doctor for potential side effects is advisable.

Telling the doctor what happens while experiencing a headache is the only way to diagnose the condition. The doctor may then order an MRI to confirm his diagnosis.

Though cluster headaches are painful and intolerable at times it is not considered harsh and normally doesn’t cause eternal structural changes. However, it is always better to see a doctor when early symptoms of cluster headaches start out.