Natural Home Remedies for Treating Arthritis Pain

For occasional arthritis pain, one may take analgesia or pain killers like acetaminophen or aspirin. If one suffers from prolonged pain, one may take medicines like ibuprofen, naproxen. These two are non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs capable of relieving pain and inflammation. If one anticipates joint pain, one can take one dose of acetaminophen, ibuprofen or naproxen beforehand. Among narcotic steroidal drugs, patients often take medicines like hydrocodone.

These days MSM and glucosamine supplements are also being prescribed to strengthen and repair eroded cartilages, thereby relieving pain in the long run. Pain relieving creams like zostrix arthritis cream, bengay arthritis cream, aspercreme, icyhot cream have survived the test of time in reducing joint pains. These creams when rubbed on ailing joints can give some relief.

Natural home remedies for treating arthritis pain

1 . Garlic cloves fried in butter may be eaten to get some relief from pain.

2 . Half teaspoon turmeric powder mixed with warm water may be taken thrice a day. This treatment reduces joint pain

3. Drinking frequently cups of papaya seed tea is an effective home to help coping up with joint pains.

4. One large teaspoon of carrot juice mixed with equal amounts of lemon juice may be taken every day. This is a popular home remedy for alleviating pain.

5. Two teaspoon apple cider vinegar and two teaspoon honey mixed with a glass of warm water may be taken daily. It brings relief from pain.

6. Warm bath with magnesium rich Epsom salt mixed with bath water helps in pain reduction.

7. Hot and cold compresses may be applied alternately on the painful joint. This a common and easy pain relieving remedy.

8. Rubbing aching joints with hot vinegar can bring relief.

9. An effective rub may be prepared by mixing camphor and menthol with eucalyptus oil. This may be used to massage on painful joints.

10. An ointment prepared out of two parts of olive oil and one part of kerosene oil can work wonders if massaged on aching joints.

11. A gentle massage with warm olive oil also helps a lot in suppressing pain.

The best and safer way to get relief from arthritis pain is to gently massage the affected area with Rumatone Gold anti inflammatory massage oil. Along with the topical application of this herbal oil, take Rumatone Gold Capsules for faster relief. As both these supplements are made of herbs, they are safer means of treatment. They not only reduce pain but also relieve stiffness, inflammation and other arthritis symptoms.

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Natural Headache Remedies

Do you experience frequent headaches? There are more than 45 million headache sufferers in the United States. I used to get headaches on a regular basis. I think it was a family trait because my mom used to get chronic headaches. Nothing can be a bigger problem than having a headache all the time.

Headaches tend to make everything seem worse, and, in extreme cases, headaches can make anything seem impossible. The tricky thing about headaches is trying to tell if they are a symptom of something else, like a cold or circulation problems, or if the headaches themselves are the problem. Tension headaches fall into the latter category. They are the problem and while they aren’t necessarily an indication of more serious problems, you need to take tension headaches seriously.

Tension headaches have a distinct sensation. They can give the afflicted person the feeling that their brain is being tightened or constricted. They can give you a feeling like your head is being tensed up. Some people complain that they feel like a band or vice is squeezing their head. While it may feel like your muscles are contracting and crushing your head, this is not the case. While researchers are not quite sure where tension headaches come from and how they affect us, most experts agree that there are a few natural headache remedies that work on most people.

One of the best natural headache treatments is to strive for a healthy lifestyle. This will cut down on the likelihood that tension headaches occur. This means eating a balanced diet heavy in fruits and vegetables. It also means cutting down on processed sugars and fatty foods. Regular exercise and sleep are excellent in relieving chronic headaches, as does avoiding tobacco, and reducing alcohol and caffeine usage.

Of course at times, no matter what you do, tension headaches occur. Before resorting to medication, there are a couple natural headache remedies you can try to relieve the pain and discomfort. Keep in mind that even prescription medication only helps relieve the symptoms, they are not an actual cure. Medications can only provide temporary comfort, and even then, are not always effective.

First and foremost, find a way to de-stress your life. For many people, the stress of everyday life is the cause of their tension headaches. If you are experiencing chronic headaches give yourself time each day to unwind with a soothing or comforting activity.

For many people, tension headaches can be a literal pain in the neck. The best headache remedies are those that try to prevent them before they even happen. But be careful when looking for medicine. None of them are an actual cure but really only offer momentarily relief of some pain. Remember that all medications taken for a long period of time can have nasty side effects.

Since stress is one of the biggest factors in causing tension headaches, when it comes right down to it there is nothing better than using natural techniques to reduce your stressful lifestyle. Exercise, diet and learning to relax will de-stress you physically and mentally and will give you your best chance to beat tension headaches permanently.