Gabapentin – Dosage information for RLS, Epilepsy and Postherpetic Neuralgia

The Gabapentin dosage differs in each individual depending upon the age of the person, current medical condition and patient’s tolerance to the medicine. This article will help you know about the general Gabapentin dosage information for RLS, Epilepsy and Postherpetic Neuralgia. Again the dosage can differ thus you should take Gabapentin as recommended by your doctor.

Normal Dose for Epilepsy- In Adults

Initial dose: 300mg to be taken orally on first day

300 mg to be taken orally two times a day on the second day

300mg to be taken orally thrice a day on third day

Maintenance dose: 300-600mg to be taken orally thrice a day

Maximum dose: 3600mg to be taken orally daily in 3 split doses

Maximum time gap between doses in a schedule wherein the patient is taking the medicine thrice a day should not be more than 12 hours

Note:  Gabapentin can be taken with/without food

If you have not used the half tablets (broken) within 28 days after breaking, the tablet should be disposed.

Normal Dose for Postherpetic Neuralgia – In Adults

Initial dose: 300mg to be taken orally on first day

300 mg to be taken orally two times a day on the second day

300mg to be taken orally thrice a day on third day

The dosage can be adjusted as required

Maintenance dose: 1800mg/day (600mg to be taken orally three times a day)

Note: Gabapentin can be taken with/without food

If you have not used the half tablets (broken) within 28 days after breaking, the tablet should be disposed

Gabapentin available under the brand name GRALISE(R)

Maintenance dose: GRALISE(R) should be adjusted to 1800mg to be taken orally once in a day during meal.

Recommended dosage schedule

Day 1: 300 mg to be taken orally with meal in the evening

Day 2: 600 mg to be taken orally with meal in the evening

From Day 3 to day 6: 900 mg to be taken orally with meal in the evening

From Day 7 to day 10: 1200 mg to be taken orally with meal in the evening

From Day 11 to day 14: 1500 mg to be taken orally with meal in the evening

Day 15: 1800 mg to be taken orally with meal in the evening

Gabapentin (enacarbil extended release tablets) are sold under brand name HORIZANT (R)

The recommended dosage – 600 mg to be taken orally twice a day

Therapy should be started at a dose of 600mg to be taken orally in the morning till 3 days of therapy and can be increased up to 600mg to be taken twice a day and 1200 mg/day on fourth day.

Normal Dose for Restless Leg Syndrome- In Adults

600mg to be taken orally once daily during 5 PM with food

The medication is used to treat mild to severe RLS in adults

The above dosage information is general dosage information that can vary from person to person depending upon his/her medical condition and age. Your doctors can advice the right dose for you.

Right dosage of Acetaminophen and treatment for over dosage problems

Fioricet contains Acetaminophen.

Blue Fioricet Online
Blue Fioricet Online

Acetaminophen is a pain reliever and also treats many other types of pain ailments. The medicine still has its own set of drawbacks which can cause permanent damage to your liver or other health problems, if not taken in right doses. This article would help you know the right dosage of Acetaminophen and the effects of overdosing along with the treatment used to treat overdosing problem.

You need to store the medicine in room temperature and keep it away from moisture and heat. Stop using Acetaminophen can contact your doctor if

  1. The fever persist even after 3 days of its consumption
  2. The pain exist after seven days of using the medicine
  3. You develop skin rash, redness, swelling or constant headache.
  4. If the symptoms turn severe or you develop some other new symptoms.

What if you missed a dose?

Since Acetaminophen is used as required, you do not need to maintain a dosing schedule. If you are using the medicine regularly, you can always take the dose you missed as soon you come to know. Do not take extra dose of medicine to make up your missing dose.

What if you overdose?

You need to immediately call emergency medical help as overdose can be fatal. The initial symptoms of overdose of Acetaminophen can be vomiting, sweating, stomach pain, appetite loss, weakness or confusion.

Dosing Information

Dose for Adults – for fever

Adolescents and adults having body weight 50 kg or more

1000mg after every 6 hours or

650 mg every 4 hours

With a single dose of 1000 mg per day, you can take maximum 4000mg per day

Adolescents and adults having body weight less than 50 kg

15 mg after every 6 hours or

12.5 mg after every 4 hours

No adjustment of dose is necessary when changing between IV and oral Acetaminophen dosing in adolescents and adults. The highest dose of Acetaminophen per day entirely depends on all courses of administration like rectal, oral and intravenous and all types of products comprising of Acetaminophen.

Overdose of Acetaminophen and treatment

Overdose of Acetaminophen can affect your liver; many people are using Acetaminophen for pain relief or to reduce fever. Acetaminophen is an active ingredient in many other OTP products like the ones used for sleeping remedies, flu, cold etc., it is also an active ingredient in many pain relievers.

Overdose of Acetaminophen results in abnormal functioning of liver, liver failure, increased liver enzymes or even death. Acetaminophen leaves residues in your liver that are highly toxic and liver needs help to flush out the toxins from the body.

Acetaminophen overdose is a serious problem, which needs proper treatment. Treatment should be given to the patient immediately. Patients are treated by giving medicine like activated charcoal to absorb Acetaminophen that is still present in your stomach. Activated charcoal makes the patient vomit. This helps cleaning of gastric lavage and flush out Acetaminophen.

Sometimes antidote medicine is given to control and stop the effects of overdosing.

Right Dosage of Fioricet and treatment for overdose

Well, there are many risks associated with Fioricet, which includes drug dependency too. Drug dependency can lead to other risks and to avoid the risks it is always better to take recommended dose of Fioricet. Taking the right dosage can prevent the risk and give you better results. You can also do a little bit of research to know about the medicine so that you can know about the positive and negative effects of Fioricet.


The recommended dose is.

  • 1-2 capsules every after every 4 hours as required for pain relief
  • Do not exceed the limit of 6 capsules.

Fioricet should not be used for a long term, because of its risk associated with dependency or drug abuse.

Fioricet- Overdose

If you take high doses on Fioricet, it may result in toxicity because of acetaminophen and butalbital than caffeine as caffeine is present in small amounts.

If you experience extreme drowsiness or confusion or other unusual symptoms, consult  your doctor immediately.

FioricetTreatment of overdose

The treatment of overdose in case of Fioricet becomes quite complicated when the user takes high dosage of the two highly toxic substances present in Fioricet. Overdose of Fioricet normally results in highly toxic amounts of butalbital and acetaminophen. Since these two substances are consumed at once, needs treating the overdoses of both substances. Overdose of Fioricet in some cases where the person is not prescribed the medicine, needs an emergency medical attention.

Overdose of Fioricet can be fatal too and symptoms may not be seen for a couple of hours after the consumption.  Once initial symptoms of overdose appear, they can progress rapidly and one might fail to reach the medical care centre in time.

In case of overdose of Fioricet,  it is recommended to consult centre for poison control. Immediate treatment consists of cardio respiratory function support and methods to eliminate drug absorption. Some of the supportive measures that can be employed are intravenous fluids, oxygen and vasopressors. Controlled ventilation should be considered too.

In order to get best results, NAC should be managed immediately where there are chances of evolving or impending liver injury. In case of severe intoxication, vigorous supportive therapy is required.  Procedures to limit the drug absorption should be carried out immediately.

After the treatment is given for overdose on Fioricet, subsequent care is necessary to monitor the addiction problem and drug abuse.

FioricetRehab Treatment

The Fioricet rehab treatment starts with the process of detoxification.  This process helps reduce the dosage of Fioricet until they stop using the drug completely.  The detoxification process helps eliminate the physical dependency of the patient on Fioricet. The remaining treatment program entirely depends on dealing with psychological aspect of drug addiction.

Well, in cases of overdose of Fioricet, immediate medical attention is required to reduce the drug absorption so that the patient can get back to normal routine. Later they can join rehab centre to overcome drug addiction.