Will Gabapentin affect pregnancy or breastfeeding?

This article will help you know if Gabapentin is safe for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Gabapentin and pregnancy

The answer to the question whether taking Gabapentin is safe or not during pregnancy is still not known. Some say yes while other says no. When you decide on this factor, it becomes important to find out how necessary is the use of Gabapentin for you during pregnancy? Also you should calculate the risks to your baby and you and it will depend on how many weeks/months pregnant you are. The main objective during pregnancy is to be healthy while taking care of your unborn baby. Also we cannot ignore the fact that epilepsy should be controlled during pregnancy as seizures can lead to complications in unborn child and mother. In such cases it becomes necessary for some pregnant women to go for Gabapentin therapy.

It is recommended that women who are trying to conceive or are in first trimester of their pregnancy should take high doses of folic acid that is 5mg/day and high doses should be recommended by the doctor.

If you are suffering from epilepsy and taking Gabapentin, then do not stop taking the medication suddenly as it can lead to complications to you and your baby. Do not make any changes in your dose without talking to your doctor. The studies conducted do not show any signs of birth defects in babies born to mothers who used Gabapentin in their pregnancy. There are no evidences available that support any facts that can cause miscarriage or preterm birth too.

Since there are no evidences available that help us know whether Gabapentin is safe or not during pregnancy, pregnant women are asked to get diagnostic ultrasonography done before 20th week of their pregnancy to assess the development of foetus or if the termination of pregnancy is necessary.

So if you are pregnant and taking Gabapentin or planning to use Gabapentin, speak to your doctor as your doctor can examine your current medical condition and depending on your health status he can let you know whether you can use this medication or not. You can take a wise decision with the help of your doctor so that you can be stress free all throughout your pregnancy.

Gabapentin and breastfeeding

Gabapentin passes in the breast milk. There are no evidences available that claim that Gabapentin is not safe while breastfeeding. The manufacturers generally recommend that Gabapentin should be only used during breastfeeding if the benefits of the medications are higher than the risks. Therefore talk to your doctor to know about the benefits and risks. There are very few reports that say that use of Gabapentin by breastfeeding moms didn’t lead to any problems in infants. Normally healthy new born babies easily tolerate amounts of medication (Gabapentin) transferred through breast milk.

If your doctor thinks that Gabapentin is beneficial for you during breastfeeding, make sure you monitor your baby closely for any possible side effects.  Check for signs of feeding problems, drowsiness, slow development and weight gain.

Fioricet and Pregnancy – Precautions and care

Fioricet is known to be a prescription medicine used to treat tension headaches. Well, if you are pregnant and on Fioricet, then there are certain precautions you need to take and you should know about the side effects of Fioricet during pregnancy. You are going through an important phase of your life, when you are carrying a new life inside you. You need to make sure that usage of Fioricet doesn’t harm your unborn baby. Let us learn about the precautions, dosage and care that you need to know while using Fioricet during pregnancy.

Well, if you are using Fioricet during your pregnancy, your doctor should not only consider the benefits of using the drug for you, but also weigh the possible risks to your unborn baby.

You should talk to your doctor as whether you should stop taking drug or need to adjust dose. It is still not known whether acetaminophen, caffeine and butalbital can cause harm to the fetus when recommended to a pregnant women or whether it can affect a woman’s reproduction capacity.

Some studies say that birth defects were observed due to exposure of butalbital during the first three months of pregnancy. Similarly consumption of caffeine during pregnancy has not shown any risks, but high doses of caffeine per day can lead to spontaneous abortion. So if you are pregnant try to minimize the intake of caffeine to avoid risks.

Fioricet consists of caffeine and the risks associated with its consumption in high dosages are miscarriage and poor growth of fetus. Looking at the formulation of Fioricet which consists of caffeine, Acetaminophen and butalbital, acetaminophen is used as antipyretic throughout the pregnancy. Acetaminophen is considered to be safe in pregnancy when taken for short durations in right dosage. Some studies say that use of acetaminophen in pregnant women can reduce the prostacyclin production.

Since there are inadequate studies available on risks of Fioricet during pregnancy, you can continue using Fioricet during your pregnancy if the benefit is greater than the possible risk to your unborn baby. It is better to speak to your doctor for the right dosage of Fioricet in pregnancy.

Fioricet should be used by pregnant women only when needed. Using it for a long term in high doses can cause harm to your unborn child as it can pre-pone your delivery date. Talk to your doctor to know the risks as well as the benefits.

There are some symptoms that you might experience because of pregnancy like headache, nausea, vomiting etc., if you feel the symptoms are severe, you can speak to your doctor immediately. During pregnancy you need to be extra careful  about the dose of Fioricet and your doctor can help you adjust the dose. Regular check-ups and monitoring unusual symptoms can help you stay away from risks. The drug has its benefits too, so trust your doctor and follow his instructions. Women using Fioricet also deliver healthy babies, so do not panic and take the right dose of Fioricet.

Back Pain during pregnancy and its treatment

While you are pregnant, you are happy that your baby inside you is growing and that is what should happen, but sometimes it is very tough on back. Most pregnant women complain of back pain mostly during second half of their pregnancies. To minimize back pain, you need to know what you can do. This article will help knowing about the things you can do

Back Pain- Causes during pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy occurs when your pelvis meets the spine at sacroiliac joint. Some possible reasons for back pain are

Weight gain

During a pregnancy which is healthy, women gain about 25-35 pounds. The spine is responsible to support the weight gained. That leads to back pain.  The weight of baby while growing and uterus put pressure on your blood vessels in back and pelvis.

Hormone changes

While you are pregnant you body produces a hormone known as relaxin that lets the ligaments present in pelvic area to relax and joint to turn looser in preparing for birth process. This hormone also leads the ligaments supporting spine to loosen causing pain and instability.

Posture changes

Sometimes you start adjusting your posture and also change how you move; this also leads to strain and back pain.


Emotional stress can also lead to muscle tension in your back, which is felt as spasms or back pain.

Treating back pain during pregnancy

If you do not have chronic back pain that you are suffering from before pregnancy, you can easily follow some tips to ease your back pain


Regular exercise helps boosting flexibility and strengthening muscles. That helps easing stress on the spine. Some exercises that are safe for pregnant women are swimming, walking and stationary cycling. You can also speak to your doctor to know about the exercises that you can start with.

Cold and heat

Applying heat & cold to the back can be of help. If your doctor advises, you can start by using cold compresses on the areas that is painful for up to 20 minutes, many times on a daily basis. After 2-3 days shift to heat which can be done by using bottle containing hot water or heating pad on area which is painful and remember you should apply heat to the abdomen during your pregnancy.


If you think your back pain is because of stress, you can speak to a counselor or a friend as their advice can be helpful.

Maintain right posture

Maintain a proper posture while sleeping, working or sitting for example sleeping on one side by using below placed between your knees can cut off stress from your back. You can also wear a support belt while sitting so that your back gets the right support.

Do not bend if you want to pick something from the ground. Avoid wearing high-heeled footwear. Do not try to sleep on your back. Wearing support hose is helpful. So in order to prevent back pain during pregnancy these simple tips can be helpful.